Why did you become a programmer?

Brothers and sisters, remember himself as a programmer of early heart? Back Gongjin year, no, I think back to that year, it seems to be “destined” to go down this road. Well because it is not in the plan, so it takes a lot of curved road.

The road is long Come, we have to search up and down a bit, right when it is a recovery disk. I first said channel bits and pieces of their own programmers in this road, may be able to give you some inspiration or depressed and confused perception of. In different stages of life, we all need and their own past to say “bye” carefully before thinking about the future direction forward.

01, with a lump of TV

I remember four high (repeat) when the same table United Arab often laughed at me, said: “Computer not know, really admire you, not that ‘! TV with a lump of thing’,” Arab said the “knots”, refers to the keyboard. Indeed, ah, then summoned up the courage computers and TVs, very heavy, really is more than just a keyboard (not, as well as a host).

At that time most of the computer doing one thing to download movies in MP4. Then take advantage of the time to study hall at night, put on headphones secretly watching. Because the class teacher to accompany the lesson of the day more tired, often sat on the podium, do not know what they are doing, anyway, no energy at us hold up.

Then little-known Tang Wei starred in a movie very fast hardware – “Lust, Caution” (over, to the exposure age), we are regarded as being the male students. It was also ill to recommend to the several female classmates, and so they are also my MP4, I glanced out her face from a slight expression of joy, even though they had tried to cover up.

Repeat for a year, college entrance examination results are still unsatisfactory. United Arab recommended to me a few schools, I casually fill volunteer, and subject to the swap (why I was destined to become a programmer, is derived from this). He is the third year the repeat, apply a little more experience than I do, but the results are worse than I am. The spate of repetition, his attitude has been a collapse, when still in high school, “Hongzhi Ban” it. “Hongzhi Ban”, you know it, it can all learn Pa ah, but repeat again and again to destroy the confidence of the Arab League, forced him to become like me to learn Java.

Here, I must warn you about the young Benedictine College Shanghai Campus, the mentality is not strong enough Do not repeat, perhaps a little earlier into the community is a better choice. United Arab now stay at home, half a year to go to the wedding Pingdingshan when passing to his home to his chair, he even asked me eager to learn programming hard to learn, I want to teach him. I was shocked, OK.

We’re a tight, despite years never met, but still quite a young man talking to a high-spirited. Even chatted again with “Lust, Caution.”

02, computer network professional

College entrance examinations is a professional college of “Power Engineering” – United Arab recommended, the school is said to be the most popular professional (no one), many children who crush to get into the profession.

Fortunately, I am not the children, not naturally get on such a good professional. I was to swap the “computer network” professional, the worst professional school (no one). It is said that the predecessor of the school was founded in 1933, concedes, but “computer network” professional only less than two years of age (us this session is the second year), regarded as a birth right of a small doll.

At that time, only that “computer network” is the worst professional, it is also one of the worst school students. We specialize in more than a hundred students, almost no one had full confidence in the future. Everyone’s mind is the heart, through the efforts of half a semester a semester to go to the electric power system. Even turn-based hopeless, after graduation did not intend to become a programmer eight children.

I have two years of college, a 破罐子破摔 appearance. Class with a laptop to play games (stand-alone, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dragon, Need for Speed, etc.), class time is still playing. Not willing to spend a little time to buy food, they are places of Friends Bangdai. Eat play games, this depends on a small table below.

Now go back to standing height, I really want to hammer the abandonment of their own at that time.

Due to writing, know a lot of young (98 years later), freshman to start writing. In addition to writing, but also engage in public numbers, sell courses, and so on, all kinds of knowledge are paid to play BHC ah.

If I had a time machine, I would have started writing a freshman, then toss some open source projects. You may want to smoke I could not help but have a few Erguang Zi – Wake up, brother, still dreaming?

Unfortunately, I do not have a time machine. But I want young people to lead me to quit ah, especially the blessing of the body I do not know (I think professional is very bad, in fact, very fast hardware), do not easily give up on themselves ah in happiness. We looked down on the year by professional computer network, especially learning the Java programming language, in the first-tier cities, but very popular ah.

Unfortunately, that time teachers did not give us any advice (they also feel themselves from the school’s attention, no hope of promotion), it also encourages us to turn to the special power professional. And we are fools, in addition to playing all day tour game, leaving nothing up.

Btw, when students turn to the power line, now mostly working in a small city Electricity Authority, promotion basically hopeless, because other qualifications older retirement or career change ah.

03, we do not train

Unexamined spent two years of college life, no hope of employment after graduation conscious, and more than two dozen students on the south to Suzhou, a trained software park ( Two months later, he got a job, a month starting salary is only 1,200 yuan, 800 yuan in addition also training fee per month, the rest of that money barely able to make ends meet.

Looking back now, it was completely unnecessary to go to training. After all, we learned two years of Java programming, SQL Server also learned, the underlying computer network architecture also learned, pages Musketeers is also a beginning, fully capable to first-tier cities to find a job.

Unfortunately, that time relatively ignorant that he himself looked down upon. I know some large Internet cafes, the early years are desperate to go to a computer professional from another professional. This is the gap ah!

If that time can encounter such a person like me now, pointing to the maze, even without pointing, just say a word of encouragement: “Young man, go north drift it, go deep drift of it, the future belongs to you.” that life may be completely different.

Cognitive really too important. If you understand the current economic environment, industry environment, industry environment, technical environment, you can make better decisions.

Of course, after all, still I have to thank about inclusive IT industry! As the saying goes: “white black cat, catch mice is a good cat.” Those technical education, promising abound; those training background, dry out some big business are also many.

If you feel trapped and training should be regarded as a very wise choice, it allows you to battle the state quickly, in actual combat learning, progress, and then become battle-hardened after a towering tree. In the Three Kingdoms era, the “Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles” Guan Gong, in the era of liberation, there Peng General “dare Hengdao immediately,” the. In short, a hero abound in actual combat.

If your self-learning ability is relatively strong, and there is no need to go to training, learn programming information on the network has a lot, I can offer some to you.

04, finally

I became a programmer, put it nicely is because the “fate” did not sound good point is the “cock.” How about you?

A: Because the desperate B: I do not know why C: Because poor D: Because the fate E: because I like to knock Code F: because the pursuit of high-paying G: Because you want to change the world

But no matter what the early heart, I want you to “programmer” pride, and only then can you go more determined, more long-term.


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