Programmers colleagues were contractors pit, and this society is very magical

No matter what life gives you kind of hit, we have to live hard.

Because live for the moment every minute, it will not let the name of the game, thinking about tomorrow’s work just fine.

Anyway, as long as the life beat to death you win.

On Friday went to the customer site, sitting room debugging debugging products, had such a conversation during which I thought for a long time, I give you a brief summary of the next story:
    1, responsible for their own home renovation contractors, first met in the course of conversation has said he is not easy, there are two there at four old son to raise. After being touched I chose them.
    2, there are a lot of problems during the renovation, are reluctant to point out after rectification, or give you a clear-cut, in short, feel uncomfortable.
    3, when the end of the paragraph, contractors trick, customers feel is not easy, conscience make life difficult, then settle the balance due.
    4, not long after the renovation, discover off the ceiling, requiring rework contractors, contractors over the past few face, swore and resentment. Customers can not only find the decoration company, the last renovation company to deposit the grounds of detention, contractors agreed to rework.
    5, customers can not figure out why I treat you so good, so you understand, but you do this to me.

First of all, in my opinion, the two sides are not wrong. Just not very clever, two of the world need to work for some time, but this time, because the two sides have different perceptions and values ​​had some differences.

Client was a mother, work is to write code in the unit, is very simple, two first-line life. Small contractors work outside the home, teens mixed society, slope to climb all the way Gunda broke into contact with team projects do today.

Contractors purpose is very pure, it is to make money. Below him so many people to feed, now a Shanghai carpentry, masonry by 500+ day is to count (Do not say you want to move bricks .. That you really do not necessarily suffer from eating), he was just money his way.

From our point of view, his “moral turpitude”, “conscience is eaten x”, “good or bad ah” and so on, but, uh, no one thing is illegal. He is doing one thing, “sets of information poor.”

If you know renovated trekking round after round, contractors buy you material they covered not you, decoration company can not make you money, and with contractors and hardware store owner also could not send your money.

It is because we do not understand, so it is necessary to find a professional people to do things, professional people reflected in this matter out of his expertise, incidentally clip brought you “contraband.” And we want people to Jiexin they often help us to do things that do not go wrong.

That from another perspective, when you write code, is not it 8 hours a day (996,007 I sympathize with you ..) were writing it? workload up to 50% yet?

We brought the issue of wages owner /, is to complete eight hours of work, the boss know that nothing if the workload can “rap” You have no due diligence, deducted from your salary, you add KPI. This time we will not blame the boss, “I’m dedicated to you to do things, I want no more, do not fight do not rob, why do you have to deduct my wages.”

After such an empathy, it is not a good heart Shou Lexie. As for the woman later said “we are too honest, and do not understand anything, too good conscience, deceived by their lying to the” noncommittal ……

Society is the real brushes, you can brush bright brush clean. Society is a big vat, you can dyed green, stained. Why do some people brush bright, still stained? Forced.
    There is a saying not often mention it: No one’s life is easy, if you think it is, it must be someone for you before loading the line.

I was such a person, but I never went to complain, because complaining is useless, ah, no one would give me the money, no one will help me. why? Because who knows only to help bury a all day long complained that this injustice, but they did not thought about how to change people?

Waiting for someone to feed it? Nor is it impossible, but someone feeds you can taste it? Full control pretty good. If you want to eat good, you do not have to rely on their own what.
    Later, the experience made me understand that the “altruism” is a how interesting things. Zhang brother, Yong Ge take in personal experience tells altruistic good.

In order to repay the reader, readers bring real benefits, I got some friends to some internal tickets, buy out of that. Last week, I took a few original 699 “IBM AI camp” tickets gave them a few readers took part. After the meeting readers sent me a long segment of feedback, I’m really happy, really can begin to help others, and screenshots have been authorized.

Anyway, so seriously, carefully readers, I believe that one day you can achieve what you want.

Here you can not help but to add another point: some eyes open, do not stared at the money.

Why say this thing, because the time before I give the reader with benefits, to secure some tickets for manufacturers of the General Assembly, but also to win some high temperature subsidy, readers are trying to sign up. The things I’ve done several months, attended the reader can set percentage of the population.

However, recent events make me a little …… something very simple, I made welfare paste, you sign up. One reader would add my micro letter, I specifically asked how much money, how to get. I say the end of the sponsors gave me, I gave you, my regular readers know everything. …… I was actually asked how I believe you want to give me ……

Before the change might hate go up, “Aisin letter, do not believe left, back of the queue of people waiting ……” But now it is changed a lot, and thank those who usually pointing or two of my friends. I will reply to the reader who “not bad at this point …… I promised a lot of points, you can send the screenshot the group” and then made a few envelopes map, and that makes him believe me.

I say these red envelopes are sent out …… I worse you what this 100 ……

This incident shows that Shane? They are a programmer, since concern me, I wanted to give you clear and clear, do not try to front that money, how much I did not. Do you think you earn ten thousand pieces a month, all the good 2,3w, and 100 can not buy a disadvantage not.

But you have to think so, it is easy to fall into the lump in the corner. To do one thing, your mind will become: “? How much” – “can not but ask for money, or cheaper,” – “I see,” in fact, time is wasted on little cost, real time cost with no regard.

If you look at things in the immediate, I can not imagine how the next five years to grasp a chance. Often years after the explosion chance, today is a loss, or do not make money. If the current is fast money back, and that in most cases, will not be particularly large room for growth.

Well, today a little too much nonsense, give us summarize:
    1, to get used to social phenomena, to learn to self-promotion.
    2, do altruistic things, feel good at the same time, might even have unexpected results.
    3, eyes open more, do not just stare in front of that money.

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