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That would just go to college, I knew I was admitted to college is software institute also know that college is mainly to learn computer software, but actually know nothing about specifically what to learn. Time to be a long time, slowly, like “programming”, “software”, “system”, some words such as “card”, “card” often linger in the ear, I will not blame the computer before contact with others it is a common-sense thing for me is confused, feeling very abstract to understand, let me confused for a long time. Until then, listen to people say that much, Baidu search more, deepen understanding, and also understand that all understand. Etc. After I understand that, I reflect on why such a simple thing after such a long time to understand that there are at least two points: first, Gehangrugeshan, the field did not come into contact with before, blinding rush forward is positive ; second, the lack of professional guidance, people around the level of understanding of the computers missing, those who flew from small computer to play it, joined the line of people asked questions just like the school pupils asked students 1+ 1 equal to a few, so white embarrassed to ask such question, answer chiefs also embarrassed openings, this understanding can only bring pain to resolve the time. Spend time there is a cost, a lot of time time is money, especially at the University of software, the high cost of tuition is what you learn, you put these costs spent on irrelevant “common sense” who, for money worth, but you do not spend time in these “common sense” who sometimes make you a dilemma, under empathy, I decided to put me to learn by spending time cost of “common sense” coming into the school to share the Benedictine college Shanghai Campus, I wish you in happy university!

Change the thinking, into the program

The above mentioned point, college is to learn computer software, in fact, nothing wrong, anyway, is dealing with the computer, it is recommended to go to school when the report comes with the computer. Software College will learn to say anything, in fact, as the name suggests, is certainly related with the software, I first start the software, the software what is it? In order to facilitate the novice to understand, I use the vernacular popular point to say, so you understand what I said before these vernacular to see some official definition, which helps your understanding. Software fact, we live to some common applications, such as chat like QQ, micro-channel; Taobao class, Jingdong; games like chicken, League of Legends and so on it, which I think we all too familiar, these can be She referred to as software. Software is an abstract term, so you do not have this dead end, you can classify software, for example, can be divided into system software, application software, and so on. Let me talk about the system software, and I think even if you are white, you should at least know the computer to upload your windows system is now using it, that the windows system is a system software, system software is responsible for managing a variety of computer systems independent hardware so that they can coordinate their work. System software allows computer users and other software to the computer as a whole without the need to take into account the underlying hardware is how each works.

In this reference to the word “hardware”, then I have to explain, first of all say that definition, refers to a variety of physical hardware device composed of a computer, we usually say “buy a computer” is actually purchase the hardware, most the main hardware: motherboard, CPU, hard drive, memory and so on.

The motherboard is “transportation hub” of the entire computer, a variety of devices to be connected to the motherboard, to function properly.

The central processor is the computer’s “brain”, which is the core and control core operation of the computer.

Hard drive is the computer’s “notebook”, the above record a variety of data, when needed, will be read or written from here to here.

Computer memory is a “manuscript”, in general, the same processor can use more memory, faster the operation.

Interestingly, although the display device is the most attention, but in fact it is not a necessary hardware for personal computers, even if there is no monitor can run normally, but any hardware as long as the less said above, the computer can not run normally, just like our hardware human skeleton, with the support of bone, only to carry computer software, play a role. Well, this is the understanding of the hardware, said that before proceeding with system software.

Like the system software, there are many, I will mention later, the first being to understand this a windows system software on it. Know the system software, application software say it is for a particular purpose developed software that can complete a variety of specific tasks, such as games, office, store data, and so on, there is no application of computer, basically what functions are not, it is worth mentioning that the application must run in order to support the operating system.

Familiar with smart phones students know, applications are divided into “Android version”, “ios version of” several, if the installation of the wrong type, are not installed, not to mention a normal operation.



Software is like the body’s blood vessels, muscles, if it takes a skeleton, but no corresponding software, the computer can only be a pile of metal scraps.

Besides the simple point, in fact, software is what we call the “program” or “application” software written by humans is made with a variety of functions, it says in the hardware, the hardware is in fact the waiter, only “what they want” , say how software and hardware on how to do it. In other words, the computer software is not installed, nothing will do, there are many kinds of software, the operating system is one of the very important one, as the name implies, it is only through the operating system in order for the computer to execute various commands, PC “Windows “system, the phone’s” Android “system,” iOS “system belong to the operating system, I want to see that you should understand a lot of it, if not understand, again Duokanjibian, Picture understand also OK at least you now have to understand that computers do not have to install software is a pile of junk, to run under the application must re-operating system support.


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