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The past few months I have done?


When I intend to write a “selenium automated testing real” books, I would have considered coming months is difficult to have time to do other things, to sacrifice every night running time, to reject a friend’s dinner . . . .

Today, “selenium automated testing combat the” basic finalized. The contents of which may have insufficient or missing and thoughtful consideration, forgot to inform readers in the comments below timely corrections to prevent misleading wider audience.

Write this book follows the simple principle, every concept and more to show the actual operation, ending more than words to express nested code comments. Take a look at the book catalog.





Basics book is divided into three, are introduced python basis, webdriver API, unit testing framework, commonly used python module.

Practice article describes two modes, data-driven and po. Jenkins and continuous integration tool use.

Expand chapter describes the use of git and github use of.

Each section of each chapter there are examples of support, built from HTML pages to an instance py code. We have been uploaded to github, free to download.

Examples Download: https: //


If the e-book has a little bit of help to you, then this represents the value of a few months of writing.


More to spend the night with the moon, only King and useful to say.


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