ThoughtWorks interview triple hanging, and never go up

Let me talk about me, I spent two years in a foreign company before, then Team of many of my colleagues have gone ThoughtWorks, so there is a feeling, as long as I have the opportunity to go for an interview. . . Before Team in my evaluation is also high (not me), it is now technical director of the company, in short, as the programmer is concerned, definitely not to muddle through. .

ThoughtWorks face too should know that HomeWork three main topic. .

First interview early 18 (headhunting recommended)

Homework get three elections, the election of the Roman numerals. . Topic indeed difficult point, wrote a night, was finally written, full of confidence ah. Felt able to make this subject, at least two-thirds of the market programmer can pass, it will not get in the doors.

The results really did not even go in the door, it was a Pass.
    That is fed back various details, such as not writing ReadMe, did not use the latest grammar, there are process-oriented thinking, and so on.
    Shame throw home, wrote a door in the evening did not go. .
    A search online, said to be the world’s hardest Interview Interview IT companies, well, terrible. I serve. .

19 second interview early (former colleague recommended)

Homework or three elections, the election train. . This time is a night.
    Of course, pay attention to all the details, ReadMe ah, notes, ah, ah new syntax, unitTest ah. .
    The door finally know. Pair programming too, and then in the Office interview, then go back to such notice. .
    This time it is confident ah, returned to former colleagues bragging (he recommended me), I said I was fast hardware architecture, pair programming extensions of time to write, a few lines of code to get, sure this time too (you the bonus is certainly hand ..)

Interview results came out, and shame. .
    The reason is that, after discussions will, pair programming is not seen. .
    Feedback results say you should have an algorithm in graph theory, let me also learn to graph theory.

Remember that the interviewer pair programming, come on say you should have a graph theory. Feeling he might hold his set of algorithms, do not listen to the interview before I speak, of course I do not know specifically what graph theory, certainly not deny him, I said, this algorithm can also be estimated to be excessive force Meng, the algorithm will not be wrong, pass, at least I have this algorithm can be considered out. .

19 second interview in October (this time I find HR)

I was still thinking ThoughtWorks three Homework much do people estimate it. Before he gave his wife said, three questions is to do two interviews, all to do over again, that’s a shame.

Fortunately, this time the rules have changed, not doing Homework in advance, but when the pair programming, to get to do half of the code continues Coding. .

This time the interview questions will be the last train Pass that road. .
    I got a look at the code I laughed,
    Three Domain Model is exactly like mine, is to change a name.
    Say good graph theory it? Look at the algorithm and I was exactly the same.
    This time relieved, spray it. At least confirm that the last really offended interviewer.
    Then smooth the Office interview. . .
    The interview did not say when speaking English, and later the telephone and face two hours. .
    Indeed Interview build aircraft carriers ah. . . . .

The result is just back of the phone, and was a Pass. .
    No way, if English is flawed, then we should first face first off the interview in English how small cost. . .
    In fact, I really do not worry about English, at least I have been a man of learning. . .

As if the interview does not allow you to make mistakes, but when the interview have to ask you committed any wrong. .
    To hear the result of feedback, the interviewer feels like going to the movies, if you read the reviews say, this movie so cool, good looking, it shows that your hair short and long experience, no culture.
    Some want to make a bad review, then pointed out that point problems, (such as Luc Besson’s new film, “Anna”, must give a bad review, and said how it will eighties U disk). . . .

If technical problems really ask me I will not, or let me write algorithm I will write to my clothes. . .
    No way, if you fancy a girl, girl, people despise you, you have no idea (feeling is not rational level, although the rule is to interview so many rational, but rational language is really an objective right ). . .

People do, the world’s most complex thing, it is impossible for several hours by asking questions can understand. . . .
    So we have to accumulate some of the interview than a few hours will be able to understand things, such as certificates. .
    FML, I is not gotta test a card. . .

The world’s most difficult problems

Not the wife asked: “Do you love me what point?”

But the interviewer asks you: “You’re missing what point?”

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