Suddenly I want to chat programmer grow it


As she grew older, I realize more and more the importance of the resource.

Slowly, I found, it is a resource person to grow at all.

I have personally witnessed a mediocre student qualified students into the community, under the impetus of money resources, it becomes an extremely excellent, beyond the reach of other students good character.

Learning Resources

Learning Resources For large role in the growth of a person’s self-evident; the proletariat as a learning resource can almost be said to be our first important resource, because we have no money thing.

Of course, learning resources and learning resources is also different; after entry of an architect with you to grow, and only a year earlier than your predecessors work with you to grow, the result is poles apart in days.

But more often, nobody takes you to grow, or grow with your predecessors did not have time to help you learn.

Of course, this is not the worst, the worst thing is the company not only to learning resources, but also requires you to own resources, which is why recruitment positions are one year work experience requirement of reasons.

So, some of the students can not find jobs will have to use money resources, to exchange learning resources.

Indeed, money resources are the best resources, but the problem is, and how much you have it? Families with gold and silver mines if so, who are willing to do cattle and horses.

Many people say, programmers work in a few years, you must make a choice, it is to continue to root out the transformation technology or management.

However, in fact, this choice, not everyone enjoyed. The choice itself is a resource for the company given.

Management needs to be given powers and functions of the company. Technology companies will need to dig deep and be given time to pay for your failure.

Most people usually continue to do repetitive work, day after day, year after year until it is eliminated.

Time resources

As the proletariat, the use of time resources to exchange learning resources, almost the only way we grow.

But this exchange is not the equivalent of everyone.

With 200 million annual salary and the annual salary of 20,000 people after graduation can be squeezed out of time is not equal, and the entire time exchange of learning resource efficiency several times to exchange bits and pieces of time.

Why do some people always feel frustrated? Obviously the same starting line of the proletariat, obviously trying to pay the same, only different because the entry of the company, a few years after its harvest is like a big difference.

Because they are bad luck, the company was drained, lack of courage, did not stop in time resources.

So, working in the same company.

They pay more time to work overtime, but did not get learning resources, just do not grow labor.

They paid more time to maintain relationships, but did not get to manage resources, just do not grow up communication.

They paid more time to show their ability, but did not get the equivalent of money resources so that you can not have extra money, resources, and then you can not use the money exchange resources to further improve their learning resources.

Eventually, heavy work and social pressure, so they gave up their spare time to press, there is no direction to do that, and less effective learning; therefore, also not getting the unsuccessful.


Different entry companies that have different resources, although each company has the resources and inefficient resource efficient, but you may not have the luck to be given to efficient resource.

If we do not have a hit in luck, it would have the courage to hit a few times more than luck.

Luck this thing, we can not control, but the courage of such a thing, we can have.

When the effort, not the equivalent of the harvest, we must understand that this is not a company where your luck, you have to choose the courage to do it.

Remember, you will have efficient resource several times, even several times in others growth.


Never choose obedience, courageous people are not going to obey, that is to choose refuge of the incompetent.

Never choose himself, and people do not have the courage to go himself, and because we are still looking for the courage to use the share of luck, we are not successful, be successful forbear skills, we do not have, is for us to forbear obedience.







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