Let silky smooth video –N / A generic fill the frame fool Solutions

Up frame is literally, the video 24 through instant compensation algorithm to a higher number of frames, get better perception of the experience

motionflow Dafa brivia Sony TV technology in high-end product line, you can fill the frame hardware, just need to dynamically turn, the corresponding screen can be achieved fill the frame

BFRC interpolated frame version of the program as well as AMD from the hardware level up support frame graphics cards, as long as more than HD7000 series graphics GCN architecture, as well as the use of APU graphics GCN architecture, AMD will be provided by the official or as a blueprint for civil processing (Bluesky frame Rate Converter) easily achieve up to low frame rate video frame

Of course, now introduce the common frame make convenient method of PC A / N platform, do not make too much of the hardware described frame

potplayer frame times

First, a surface strongest recommendation potplayer video player, comes with a function key frame times, the official website (may require science, should also be able to Baidu potplayer in, do the wrong just fine )

In the first pot of the main interface right click -> Options

And select the video -> Image Processing -> Check fold frames (intermediate frames created)

So simple interpolation frame is complete, but this method can only be doubled to a frame, 24 becomes 48, and the picture quality is not very high, then a little trouble introduce a little, but the picture quality can be increased several levels of program

dmitrirender full frame

DmitriRender frame is a complement of software, and the frame times not the same pot, the use of studded gpu computing the number of frames 60 and even 144, screen effect is very amazing

DmitriRender has begun to support RTX Turing graphics card, a license to 8 knives, SVP Pro price is only 1/3 of a Westerner, they can and I support conditions with the look of, buy a license, after all, is not expensive (although SVP options are many, but not easy to get started, so here choose DmitriRender presentation)

First you need to download a copy of the official website dmitrirender

Do not look at the front of the bells and whistles, direct download body on the line

You may wonder whether it could not find the software on the desktop or the Start menu, do not worry, it installed by default to C: \ Users \ your user name \ AppData \ Roaming \ DmitriRender, open the x64 or x86 in this directory (depending on your system decided that the new machines are generally 64-bit systems), and then open pcnsl.exe register, we first try to free 30-day trial

Now you need to download a dat file (this point links), download unzip it, cover your DmitriRender to the installation directory, the default installation directory is C: \ Users \ your user name \ AppData \ Roaming \ DmitriRender

Then run as administrator registerFilter

After you have registered good dmitriRender.dll, now we can activate dmitriRender each player in the software, here is a demonstration of potplayer

Ditto open pot options:

To Filter -> Global Priority Filter -> Add Filter System

This time you should see DmitriRender


Then check for the mandatory use of (critical)

Then restart your potplayer, open a video, if nothing unexpected lower left corner of the display watermark DmitriRender Trial, will be successful

Not surprisingly DmitriRender your taskbar icon will appear to indicate real-time load, if the icon turns red it means that your video card is not the line. . .

Personal measured RTX2060 watch BD1080p animations load does not exceed 20%, GTX1050 load does not exceed 30%, hoping to reference

Written in the last

Love toss interested friends can try contrast + dmitriRender, A card + BFRC, CPU card effect N + SVP Pro three kinds of programs make up the frame, here I am too lazy to toss

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