Internet circles, the status quo is how the gaming industry?


“There is a gap, called my ideal game industry and the reality of the game industry.” This word, always wrapped in my mind, is the ideal and reality is always there are differences, like winter market, cleaning up struggling fish, with the number of radio and television version of Shu restrictions, “product is king” and “customer is the fundamental” and correct nonsense constantly run out, because after all, there is the chance of irreparable falling market trend. When the outlet subsided, once a false prosperity of the gaming industry will eventually pay the price.

First, meet

B: “I want to play.”

Why do I?”

B: “Because feelings”

Apart from anything else is a bunch of beat up …

why? Business people should be very aware of this. Point out to mean nothing …

Second, the debate

Me: “Why are you still insist on playing games?”

B: “I want to do a game of their own.”

Me: “Are you rich?”

B: “No, you can pull investment”


Then a month she really pulled open two friends did, do not understand the industry, but it has its own game ideal person, I admire …… predictable results, not long after the company forced to hang up.

B finally came to me and asked me why I hang force, why hang force is there any way to pull investment?

My heart is so >>>>

Finally gave her an afternoon time, gave her the market dynamics, the direction of the game, now the overall division of the market, as well as channels CP…

After listening, she was like this >>>>

Third, the embarrassment of the game market

In fact, this game market now, many people have decided to temporarily escape from the game now embarrassing battlefield, everything has a double-sided nature, while in the cash side of the watch, the industry, we are more and more impetuous, more people choose to go with the flow do VR games. When the game hook and money, you carry clear the status quo, can only give up their dreams, then a pit of a pit jump.
    In fact, before the game is a masterpiece cottage on the market, the game’s development cycle a pressure and then pressure, from six months to three or four months, and then a couple months later, in order to grab the market, can be described as brains, hand tour 2014 heyday, over and over hand travel research and development team, how many people think that as long as the product line, you can have income in 2015 to change the game a lot of skin, but do not know the product has not reached the line within expectations until the end of the year 2016, this situation It was suppressed, although as a practitioner of it do not want to see this happen, but the domestic market has been in a game of this awkward situation, “tepid die,” six words to sum it that is not too, AppStore in the game is the same limited edition number, everything has a double-sided nature, so now the market quality of the game has also been improved a lot.

Play fight, fight IP, to fight quality, from micro-innovation, to the pixel level copying, the industry is mired in order to make quick money, big money while ignoring the moral bottom line of all demons, there is the wash water. After the feast open seats speculation, everyone slowly found limited tables, chairs limited, food is limited, you want the table to eat, what to eat dinner should look at the color channels.

Many channel vendors become a party A, play more and more, divided into more and more high proportion, the product voice is more and more and more detailed data requirements. The CP began to feel a lot of pressure.

How do you get to the road? Game game, play is the focus, fun to make money, any market space is limited, the game market is also the same, blue sea to the Red Sea, the bonus period, to the development period, to the stability period, as if it is a hundred rivalries, the group of male, but also the inevitable result of market selection and development. When you talk about the game market, you think of the game market in South Korea, and every time you talk about the big work, many players will be very excited to come up with the contrast.

From the time we left, the three remaining seven remain, we are concerned about the water monthly, weekly water, water day, even down to the first day of running water; PCU, DAU, WAU, MAU, ARPU, ARPPU, LTV, pay rate so a lot of data, it is easy to see, things are good or bad evaluation of the product was 11 quantify become fixed rules.

“Look bullsh * t feel more than a dozen projects of day you had no experience, to complete the poor, rough art, games are played out of date, you Publicizing concepts are basically flying in the sky. Normal to see a little bit of asking price but enough for you to drink a pot. can really see the game really small, you are now on the market we can see the game no matter how poor, is a leader in the process selected product is really no different from needle in a haystack. “

It all boils down to two words: that threshold.

In fact, for hand travel companies, high-quality, refined operation, the two have not deleted.

Ongoing, diversified exploration game market segments, verticals, but also very important. After all, the market has clearly no longer the era of the channel is king, only boutique and diversified development path, in order to have a long life cycle.

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