FreeSql Novice tutorial series has been published in cnblogs

FreeSql is a powerful object-relational mapper (O / RM), support .NETCore 2.1+ or .NETFramework 4.5+ (QQ group: 4336577)

FreeSql MIT using open protocols hosted github, Address: ( []

FreeSql from the end of November 2018, began the development of open source in 2019 New Year’s Day, the whole sound of the function has been quite OK.

Because there may be changes before the function of, not four documents released to avoid problems after synchronization feature updates the document is not timely updated.

Has been using github wiki way before the document is now formally established special issue maintenance-related documents on the cnblogs blog Park.

The first series “FreeSql Novice” series published number of articles 35, hoping to help a friend in need to learn FreeSql.

  • (A) entry

  • (B) automatically migrate entity

  • (C) the entity properties

  • (D) the entity properties Fluent Api

  • (E) inserting data

  • (Vi) bulk insert data

  • (Vii) ignore column when inserting data

  • (Viii) the specified column when inserting data

  • (Ix) delete data

  • (J) the update data

  • (K) Where the update data

  • When the specified column (xii) update data

  • Ignored when the column (13) to update the data

  • (Xiv) batch update data

  • (Xv) query data

  • (Xvi) paging query

  • (17) linked table query

  • (Xviii) Navigation Properties

  • (Xix) multi-table query

  • (Xx) multi-table queries WhereCascade

  • (Xxi) query returns data

  • (Xxii) Dto mapping query

  • (Xxiii) a packet, the polymerization

  • (24) Linq To Sql syntax description

  • (Xxv) delay loading

  • (26) Eager Load Include, IncludeMany, Dto, ToList

  • (Xxvii) that has been written SQL statement, and the second entity class mapping query

  • (28) Transaction

  • (Twenty-nine) Lambda Expressions

  • (Thirty) separate read and write

  • (31) sub-district table

  • (Thirty-two) Aop

  • (Thirty-three) CodeFirst type mapping

  • (Thirty-four) CodeFirst migration instructions

  • (Thirty-five) CodeFirst custom properties

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