F # Weekly 2019 Issue 37


    Declared ML.NET preview and update the model builder 1.4

    .NET exhibition: a series of activities!

    Octopus Starter Edition: free for small teams

    Declared .NET Core 3.0 Preview 9

    Use IntelliCode more easily reconstructed

    .NET Core 3.0 preview version 9 update ASP.NET Core and Blazor

    .NET Core 3.0 preview version 9 includes a new API client gRPC

    Visual Studio 2019 16.3 Preview 3 focuses on F #, experimental terminal

    Mac on Visual Studio 2019 version 8.3 preview version can now use 3

    Thoth.Fetch documentation site

    Meet new Visual Studio terminal

  • Azure Functions 3.0

Video and slideshow

    Discussion of HTTP and React, Elmish, F #, Fable

    Dependency injection of Azure Functions Function

    .NET GC to become an architect

    Career behind the code

    Use ML.NET create depth neural network model for classification of images

    Scala developer of F #

    Daily work in the benefit of F #

    C # how to increase the optimization of RyuJIT


    .NET eco-navigation

    C # migration test set to the attribute-based test set F # – Part 3

    C # migration test set to the attribute-based test set F # – Part 4

    Fable started on Linux

    Why you should use F # for your domain modeling

    F # to convert Rust: reserved expression and function

    Call F # /. NET code from a Flutter in

    Bolero your first project does not compile? Try this!

    Use Canopy and Azure Pipelines continue to test applications

    Compared with the implicit display interface wonders

    Create ML contrast with the ML.NET

    Use dotnet-delice more exploration licenses

    The C # 8 Interface bit messy

    Github Actions 2.0– Let us do something more meaningful

    Use C # code in your git hooks in

    .NET Core of Hardware Intrinsics

    GC Perf infrastructure – Part 0

    Check the Xamarin.Forms in the Dark mode

F# vNext

    F # Update 3 tools VS 2019 16.3 Preview

    FSharp.Compiler.Private only for netstandard2.0

  • 新语言的建议

      It allows for shorter syntax destructor

      Record expression of relaxation RequireQualifiedAccess

    • Typed Holes

GitHub project

    microsoft / nlp– natural language processing and best practices Example

    CompositionalIT / farmer – F # DSL rapidly build simple Azure resource management templates

    dbrattli / Fable.Reaction– F # Elmish with reaction formula Fable

    fsharplang-ru / pulsar-client-dotnet – Apache Pulsar client’s .NET

    DouglasConnect / ElmishToReact– React a package assembly procedure for the Elmish

The latest release

  • Flora.CssProvider 0.7.1
  • WebSharper 4.5.18
  • VS Code 1.38
  • Pulsar.Client 0.1.4
  • FSharp.Literate 3.1.0
  • FSharp.AzureFunctions.V2.HTTP 1.0.0

36 because of the relationship between the author leave, one is skipped.


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