AWS corporate sponsors to join .NET Foundation plan

.NET to open source, MIT license. In order to promote the development of Microsoft .NET open source community, the community was established in 2014 jointly .NET Foundation.

.NET Foundation is an independent organization that supports .NET and the open source community, aimed at broadening and strengthening the .NET ecosystems and communities. This can be done in several ways, including project instructions, guidance, legal and marketing assistance, technical and financial support settings, etc. Since 2014, there have been many well-known companies to join .NET Foundation, the project is only in the platform, .NET platform In fact, 87% of contributors do not work at Microsoft. In .net conf 2019 AWS added support for .NET Foundation of the .NET open source ecosystem in a growing number of industry leaders, these members include Microsoft, Google, Red Hat, JetBrains, Unity, Samsung, Pivotal, Insight and Telerik.

Over the years, AWS has been an active contributor to the .NET ecosystem, by adding .NET Foundation, they can be more deeply involved. They also showed their support for .NET open source community, because their contributions are used to support open-source projects, the Global Meetups, our members of the Action Group and the new plan. .NET foundation will also benefit from their expertise because they will help develop future growth plans. Here is the official announcement from the AWS team: https: //

AWS .NET Foundation on behalf of Norm Johanson spoke a few words:

Fred and I have a long history in building scalable, high-performance system. I am very pleased on behalf of AWS in the .NET Foundation. As a corporate sponsor to join .NET Foundation is an important moment AWS journey, this journey can be traced back to 2008.

I remember when the first release of .NET 1.0. I am very excited to be built in the future. I joined .NET development AWS, AWS leadership in 2010. AWS understand the importance of .NET, and for .NET AWS AWS Development Kit is actually released in November 2009 the first unified AWS Development Kit. Since then, I have countless members of the community the opportunity to cooperate with .NET, GitHub, Twitter and speeches at the meeting, in order to help them build on AWS, and a better understanding of .NET developers expect to AWS’s.

In .NET Core in during early development, we know that this is the future of .NET. We quickly began to build support for .NET Core, and can add support in early beta version of .NET Core. .NET Core 1.0 release after only a few months, we have released the first run for the AWS Lambda .NET Core non-server applications when. Like .NET Foundation, we know publicly this work is very important, therefore AWS .NET libraries and tools that we use team work to build public on

AWS Windows and Fred Wurden general manager of Enterprise a few words:

Many people do not realize how long before we start, and how high our level of commitment of AWS, to provide customers with excellent .NET experience. Norm is a perfect representative of AWS, many engineers can guide and representative of the AWS .NET Foundation in support of the work area. Our customers have long-term investment for .NET. They told us that they want to fully support their journey modern systems, databases and applications when AWS transform business in the cloud. We will expand our commitment to customer .NET important step in the .NET Foundation’s sponsorship.

AWS will continue to listen to our customers, increase investment and contribute to the community. We look forward to the entire .NET .NET community as well as our customers and .NET Foundation, to support the future of .NET.

自此,美国三大云厂商聚首.NET Foundation, 云计算领域版图之中美大格局,我真心希望中国的阿里云,腾讯云,华为云能够认真评估.NET的重要性,你们可以参照AWS。今年中国地区的.NET社区民间正在筹备11月份的峰会,期待更多的社区参与进来。

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