A 996, CRUD developer day

Running account record sum

Today I’m going to remember running account sum, the major record I do things in one day and think about the reasons of inefficiency, while analysis of some of the available solutions.

• Start early in the morning to plan

Six in the morning at forty is a dream wake up, then look for a book, eat breakfast, send baby to school.

Nine came to the company to begin the day’s work. Before work begins, I’ll spend five minutes a day to do first plan something like this.

    (Reason there should be a daily stop will, in fact, I was the person in charge of the project xx, .. but I will save the station, the station will be canceled harm to the project is very large. Late discuss)

    Zhou xx project plan for follow-up and revision.

    Check yesterday to complete the function, and record and assign bug.

    Finishing documents for completion of the new features yesterday characteristics described below.

    Solve bug own name.

    Start two new features to be delivered the next phase, the relatively simple business interface, is expected to not more than 80 lines of code lines.

These tasks, in addition to the fifth and sixth relatively long might be time-consuming, but basically every other single task can be completed in 25 minutes, and indeed is based on task priority and importance of order arrangements, it seems quite reasonable, generally belong to be completed within 8 hours of work, but in fact, perhaps a little bit unsaturated. . .

Mission (The following is a running account, you can skip)

So I drank the water, and began to complete the first task: xxx on the weekly schedule for follow-up projects and revisions.

(If it is Monday, before I will be a modest monthly summary of the plan and the overall plan based on the completion of last week, but Internet companies .. Since arriving, I have also lost the good habit of, well, because pretending to quick to embrace change, so the overall plan and eliminating the need for monthly plan).

However, when I started that deals with this, the first thing unplanned happened. In a test environment, a client interface to reflect a problem should not occur, so I was forced to interrupt this task, it took a minute to interface issues were examined him and found that the other parameters passed wrong .

Ok. problem solved. Just continue to start the task.

To where? Oh. . Still plan to do, then I quickly adjust the state, it took a few minutes to put mission accomplished.

Then start the second task.

In this case, the client just has to find me, he said, the interface still has problems.

I thought it only takes a minute, this time I actually spent 30 minutes because the original code is indeed flawed logic, the need for code changes, then released, then test the code.

After confirming that the problem has been resolved or shelved before processing tasks. It took 20 minutes 3 processing tasks.

4 start processing task, the task is relatively simple, it is less than five minutes to solve.

5 start processing tasks. . . There are 20 in my name bug. . . Bug5 per minute to measure, I probably need to spend 100 minutes to solve. But when I started to solve the first bug.

There are other people start looking for me, I started looking for operations, said at xxx xxx scene it appears to be a logical wrong.

Online problems have to be solved as a matter of priority, quickly, think carefully about the conditions under which the problem occurred, track and analyze the link service, look at the code logic written six months ago, and finally take 15 minutes to analyze the problem and take 10 minutes to solve the problem properly.

Continue to begin the repair bug. In the process of bug fixes, the product found to be flawed logic, so products with a clear mandate for further carding business, design more specific and detailed process. It took 1 hour.

To 12:00, I am a total of 3 to complete the task, fixes a bug.

PM does not belong to the peak of the problem, but also found a number of other issues beyond logic product, a final settlement of the 15 bug.

A backlog of five bug, leaving it to be resolved in the evening.

When night falls, I need to spend two hours to fix the rest of my bug and two new features development tasks unfinished.

In fact until half past eight pm when I finished the remaining bug, completed a new feature, but this time the efficiency of already poor to die, no way, bite the bullet and have to complete the task today.

(Will new debt owed, it is clear beyond doubt)

21:00, has been largely successful completion of all tasks.

Summary completion

Today summary tasks, completed a total of five tasks, which bug20 a repair, write 60 lines of new code, took a total of 10 hours.

Apparently my productivity is poor, especially at night efficiency worse, I most admire those who claim high efficiency at night, especially late at night and some people like to blow your code, pour a glass of wine, by the early morning silence, love to write code that is written, they are very powerful, because they would be self-deception.

The proportion of work done to count the hours of the day:

Work content

Time (min)

Combed daily plan


Revised weekly schedule


Interface FBI


Docking operations


Bug fix 20


Write new features


Daily project communication






problem analysis

Above us running account is actually an ordinary everyday Internet companies, of course, for me personally, in fact, relatively speaking, is not put to much time in the docking operation, I know some of our developers need every day spend three hours at least docking problems and operations personnel, which is obviously a direct impact on the efficiency of developers.

(I believe that a certain class of Internet companies is not the case)

From the graph we can see that there is a problem in our daily work arrangements:

    This bug fixes also the task of technical debt, consuming nearly 47 percent, accounting for nearly half the time. Ah, the ability to does not work, can not take measures to make debt owed so much, this is a talent triangle (professional skills, industry knowledge, soft power) required to achieve the goal. I had intended to introduce TDD in the functional development to reduce rework rate, but eventually decided to shelve the idea.

    Our project management in the form of a virtual team, product managers and test engineers, mainly in Shenzhen, while R & D team in Changsha, therefore, put in day time team communication in the proportion of 20%. In fact this virtual team development model, as the relatively new form of communication projects, has been widely used in Internet companies. But among virtual team members of the sub-offices in different places, unable to communicate face to face, for cultural reasons, the pace of work and technology, likely to cause relatively large communication costs. The following measures can be optimized:

      1, to create a high-fidelity prototype map, further dismantling mission objectives, so that the task target segments.

      2, the front needs time for discussion, the characteristics of the demand is progressive elaboration, should try will communicate needs in the research and development stage before the start of the implementation, reduce the time for additional research and development stage in the process of waste.

      3, fast sprint face to face communication possible.

      4, function to deliver a lack of Desktop Check, means that product managers and test engineers can not keep abreast of developments on the actual function also means that delivery schedules for the inter-team results, implementations, itself is in question, which will increase the cost of communication.

    If you work ten hours per day, 3 hours to solve communication problems with the operation to count, accounting for up to 30%. Instructions for delivery on project results, there is still a lot of room for improvement and can be optimized. Perhaps we can take the following measures.

      Further refine the FAQ document.

      Knowledge Sharing.

      Results of the project itself requires the transfer of more standardized management measures.


in conclusion

More than 996 Internet is a CRUD developer day, seem very full, but still need to complete the task of the day through overtime, and even long-term work longer than 10 hours, with manual workers is not much difference itself . Perhaps we are almost always live like a machine, I think have become a burden. Always thought can be solved by brute force, in fact, the output might be a useless solution. Such pay, will probably feel worthless.

However, we must be docked pace, seriously consider the value of the moment, ponder the meaning of efficiency and balance, to make our lives more meaningful.

Keep in mind the guidelines: “do the right thing, doing things right.”

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