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And June of next year, a large number of students, including this writer, would leave school, ending sixteen years of academic career and began a decades-long career, at this point in time, we expect than most find a desirable job, this is the family’s expectations, it is our own expectations.
    Each of us is, more or less felt the pressure of employment, especially in the computer industry, in which the low-end talent saturated, high-end talent shortage environment, find a desirable job really is not easy thing. Just out of school due to lack of experience we can only choose low-end jobs, worrying is the rise of global intelligence revolution will destroy a large number of low-end jobs, the future competition will become increasingly fierce.
    Some time ago, I have a chance to browse the Internet Ikunori jobs, began to read it in my mind flashed a thought, why not use some of the techniques will be collected down these jobs, then that information is analyzed it ? So that we can see trends in the recruitment industry as a whole. Driven by a strong curiosity I designed and wrote the computer program, the program runs for about three days, and finally these jobs will be collected down through data analysis and after cleaning, be demonstrated using data visualization technology. Now I will share the results came out, the following is the body of the article.

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Write the words in front

  • The data presented herein were collected on regular job sites, the credibility of the data is not in doubt.

  • All data collected is only used as learning and exchange, I promise it will not be used for commercial purposes.

  • This paper can not help but mixed with some author’s personal point of view, you can oppose my point of view, but I refused to accept.

  • I am not the authority of the data analyst, reports the article title with the word purely for the loading force.

Explanation of the amount of data

Data were collected in the pull hook net. Compared to other recruitment information service, pull hook network designed to provide information services for IT professionals, that are all IT-related Internet pull hook online face recruitment information, no other industry jobs, so choose pull data acquisition target network as a hook appropriate.
    The jobs were collected one hundred and twelve thousand eight hundred sixty-five, remove duplicates and invalid data after the remaining eighty thousand three hundred and fifty, data acquisition date in late September 2019. Jobs involving technology, products, design, operations, marketing, sales, function, game eight directions, since most students will choose technology Kong when just graduated, so I just analyzed the data technology Kong, which is part of the data total twenty-eight thousand six hundred seventy-one. Perhaps the amount of data twenty-eight thousand thousand articles is not large, but I think that sometimes do not necessarily need to understand one thing starting from a macro point of view, from the microscopic point of view can clearly see the face of the whole thing, this is a macro look at the issue through the microscopic observation of the way. For example, we will make friends, we tend to each other through some of the details to determine whether this person worthy of close friends, without having to go through a big deal.
    Each work area contains jobs, salary range, education requirements, experience requirements, have the skills, job responsibilities, those skilled in the enterprise, corporate finance situation and other data, the following ten aspects of this part I will do a simple data analysis.

Which city most attract talent?

After graduation, some people want to own the coveted city, some people see others go him on the go, and many parents do not want their children to travel. Select a city’s impact on our future can not be underestimated, because it will determine the rest of my life in which we as slaves, even when not on the house slaves. Here is the number of jobs in each city needs map:

Beijing is no doubt that most of the city to attract talent, mainly because of Beijing’s relatively large number of IT companies. Came in its wake, respectively, in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing, Shenzhen and Shanghai where the demand was essentially flat, and then again is job demand is not strong city, and this distribution is in line with our awareness.

What kind of qualifications you need

, The above degree or above account for more than half of FIG., Are arranged scaled and then tertiary and higher, academic level, master or, Dr and above. While the largest proportion of undergraduate and above, but do not feel that they are college-level education to get too excited, one, different job requirements for academic qualifications are different, here to show only the overall distribution of academic requirements, ignore this different; Second, the company not only depends on your qualifications, experience is an important consideration; Third, low education often means low wages; Fourth, a less educated than you, you have a grasp of how much competition is too similar people? These are objective problems.
    Upgrade their qualifications is really a good thing, certainly not just think of me, otherwise it will not happen the following:



You need years of experience

Work experience is an important consideration when hiring personnel IT companies, show the following distribution of the overall experience requirements:

As can be seen from the figure, the experience 3–5 years highest proportion, followed by empirical 1–3 years experience 5–10 years, limited experience, experience graduates, one year’s experience less than 10 years of experience. What more experience means is unnecessary to say, but I strongly oppose more experience means less hair such remarks, although in theory, but there are exceptions not.

Education And Experience

The figure shows that the experience requirements at different educational distribution, can be seen no matter what kind of education, the vast majority of jobs require 3–5 years or 1–3 years of experience, we can also say, not qualifications can rely on experience to supplement, to supplement the lack of experience on the best qualifications, education and experience are inadequate, need to survive in the gap.

Which areas most in need of talent

Different companies have their own exclusive areas, such as some companies engage in social, some companies engaged in finance, some enterprises engaged in health care, and some companies involved in a number of areas, such as music, as the company, we do not know Jia Yueting boss back home No.


August 30, 2019, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) 44th China Internet Development Statistics Report pointed out: As of June 2019, Chinese netizens reached 854 million monthly users use mobile traffic up to 7.2GB. 45.5% of Internet users 30 years of age of younger age groups, the following undergraduate degree (excluding undergraduate) accounted for 90.4% of Internet users

The more popular areas as well as business services, data services, finance, electricity providers, games, entertainment, education and so on. If you are working for other people, then naturally it belongs regardless of the field of business, if the business then it would have to think it up.

Corporate finance case

The following figure shows the company’s total 7257 financing situation:

Wherein: a listed company 859, accounting for 11.83%; no financing company 2311, accounting for 31.85%; non-financial company 1698, accounting for 23.4%; A round of financing company 884, accounting for 12.18%; B round of financing company 561, accounting for 7.73%; C round of financing company 250, accounting for 3.44%; D wheel 186 and above finance companies, accounting for 2.56%; angel round finance company 508, accounting for 7%

Popular Science: A round of financing, B and Series C round What is the difference? – Su old wet answer – almost known

Overall payroll distribution

The following figure shows the distribution in the form of a pie chart generally pay from 1K to 30K to 2K interval of a segment, a 5K to 30K next range segment, for each sector of the pie represents the pay interval falls proportion.

The overall distribution of salary no real reference value, because the factors that affect the salary of a lot of different jobs, education, work experience, corporate finance, the region will affect the payroll, the following will show the distribution of wages under the influence of different factors .

Payroll distribution under the influence of different factors

Tip: front view of nuclear energy and more alert.
    This section takes the form of a pie chart showing the effects of different factors on the payroll distribution, It should be emphasized that the “distribution” word, we can see from the chart larger proportion of what the salary range, which accounted for a relatively small salary range, but not It can be seen a direct impact on the salary of a factor from the figure, in reality, also based on our own considerations.

Regional factors

The following shows the distribution of the average salary of six major cities most attractive talent:

As it can be seen by comparing the average salary Beijing is still high compared to several other cities, the 11K-13K, 15K-17K, 19K-21K, 21K-23K, 29-31K has a larger distribution, salary distribution in Shanghai no big difference with Beijing, Chengdu is obviously large proportion of low salary range, if you go to the national Bureau check prices in various cities, then this a few pictures to be very reasonable.

Education factors

The following shows the average salary distribution of the different qualifications:

College degree or above ten thousand yuan accounted for more than half of the salary scale.

Bachelor degree or above salary distribution is more uniform, from the whole 10000-20000 yuan accounted for about 50% of salary.

Obviously, a higher level compared to college-level education, the lower the salary range significantly reduced the proportion of master’s degrees, a significant increase in the proportion of high salary range, which 21K-23K, 29K-30K, 35K-40K larger proportion, from the overall point of view salary 15000-35000 yuan occupy about 50%.

This is very sick 10,000 yuan accounting for less pay zero, 10000-20000 yuan accounted for a very small salary, salary of 30,000 yuan accounting for over 75%, accounting for more than fifty thousand yuan salary is approaching 25%.

Education factors give us the most intuitive revelation affect the distribution of salaries is: with what kind of education is likely to decide the future upside, low education does not mean no chance.

Experience factor

The following shows the average salary distribution of the different work experience:

From the above seven figure we can see that with the increase in work experience, getting smaller and smaller proportion of low salary range, high proportion of the salary range increases, this trend with the average salary increase after education is the same.

Experience ranging from low wages, as many experience high salary, which everyone knows is the truth. But worth thinking about a problem: more education and experience some impact factors on which the salary it? I have yet to find a reasonable algorithm or formula to a conclusion, with the intuitive feeling figure I think the impact of these two factors are quite large salary (sounds like nonsense).

Jobs factor

Payroll is the distribution of the different positions vary, but this represents only difference distribution can not put aside the qualifications, experience and other factors, said a better position than the other position, which is no meaning. Below are graphs showing the front-end development, back-end development, mobile development, operation and maintenance, high-end jobs, salary distribution of the six artificial intelligence posts:

Although we can not directly compare which better positions, but the distribution of resources from the different positions of view, we can still see some upside potential job salary is relatively small, but this kind of artificial intelligence as high academic requirements payroll jobs increased space is relatively larger.

Technical factors

Technology is the most likely cause of debate topics, and most are meaningless debate. All day to think about what kind of technology that choose to implement their own ideas is an evasive behavior, like are released every month TIOBE list of programming languages, it can only reflect the popularity of programming languages, but there is a lot of since the media or get it for things like training institutions, some like “a programming language good”, “promising a programming language” such stupid conclusions.

Computer technology industry are too many categories, listed below only the more popular technology, only when the reference:

Corporate Finance Factors

The following shows the different financing situation of corporate salary distribution:

Jobs Temptation

Almost every business will be written on the recruitment notice some of his company’s “advantage”, also known as the temptation of jobs, the following words cloud forms show the highest frequency of 50 words appear jobs temptation:

Note: The word is the “insurance policy” into the “five insurance” and “a gold” two words, this is actually a word.

Popular Science: five insurance payments, referring to Chinese employers give workers several affordable treatment collectively. “Five dangerous” refers to the five kinds of social insurance, including pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance, “a gold” refers to the housing fund. — excerpt from Wikipedia

Required Skills

Every business in the recruitment notice clearly stated that candidates should have which skills, different job skill requirements focus is different, but there are some general requirements. The following is still in the form of a word cloud showing the skills of several popular positions or technical requirements for high-frequency words:

[Note] statistical process of high-frequency words have been filtered out meaningless words, such as “familiar,” “proficient,” “have,” “master,” “solid” and other words, leave the “experience” of the term is intended to Description very fancy corporate job seekers experience of a particular technology.

Do not superstitious data with others

Data analysis is only a tool, it is not a panacea, Wan do not blindly believe the data, choose what kind of future career, but also their own subjective decide, that is, you have the final say. Confused about the future went to read more books, not superstition data, not to listen to other people gab.
    I cite here two kinds of people, if these two types of people have any guidance on your career, then you need not listen. This is the first group of university teachers, especially the department’s leadership, these people stay too long because the school with the outside world basically in a state of isolation. Teacher is a relatively easy job, comfortable environment is bound to discourage the enthusiasm of people to learn, enthusiasm for learning, once gone, no longer charging for themselves, it is basically equal behind the times, estimate the future is impossible Talking. The computer industry’s growth rate far exceeds the speed Sicong change girlfriends, our university teachers Faced with this growth rate can give students a proper guidance it? I think they are unacceptable. What if teachers provide guidance for your future, they also take a few years ago in the eyes tell you now how to do it, or borrow from the media gimmicky publicity to encourage you to do those things look promising .
    The second category of people, who are training institutions. People training institutions for their own interests, it is inevitable to use exaggerated tone promote a type of things, or to belittle a thing, I think this is understandable, after all, money is the primary task of training institutions, rather than culture talent. I just want to say listen to others, biased or the dark, if allowed to unilaterally words linger in our ears, then we estimate the future is not out of balance it? I have received passive propaganda five training institutions, here I am also very interested in naming a training institution, the name of this training institutions called Beijing AAA education, in a passive listening to the institution by a middle-aged woman’s preaching after, I would like to take Zhuge Liang of words to describe what feelings at the time: I have never seen such a shameless person. For their own interest that point, the students try to fool the letter I nonsense, right and wrong, forty minutes preach the head of its ignorance, shameless side performance. In this I sincerely wish a speedy collapse of the training institutions, so that more students poisoned.

Written in the last

First of all to thank you can read this, thank you for reading my busy schedule this is not rigorous and there are many flaws in the article. I never learned the system of data analysis, just by virtue of the interest to do this thing, if you can analyze the data in the text to suggest any constructive comments or objections, then, be grateful.

Future long way to go, maybe some people just out of school will encounter some difficulties, while others might go relatively smoothly number. Each person has their own goals and ideals, no need to compare with something, do a good job in front of every little thing, not a longing worse today than tomorrow, everything will have a good result.

Finally, a Ping Tang poetry, gave himself and the young man about to take the school:
    Perry has not been properly sword, rivers and lakes blink of an eye.
    Would like to have gone through a thousand sails, the return is still a teenager.

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