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As a developer, working for half a year, and always feel that the technology stack and recent graduates are not very different, the techniques used are also N years ago, we often see new things, only my heart Wow amazing moment, then return to busy. Blame their own technology pool is too shallow, popular amazing technology are also on the shoulders of other giants produce, but not enough self-esteem to the shoulders of giants, we feel that the new technology (with respect to their technical degree) from us good far, you can not do anything, do not know can solve the current pain points? Application costs high?

Like climbing a step 1W, 9K standing on the steps of the people will feel easier, standing on the steps at the 1k feel unattainable. Courageous first step, to keep people in front of climbing.

Companies often see the code written in the framework of those predecessors, version 1.0, 2.0 or .NET earlier era, although the syntax is still relatively low, but the design is amazing, rare side also asked the architects to seek learning. We are engaged in the development of the GIS industry, it may focus on the development of GIS functionality that, in fact, a little cart before the horse. GIS is just a plug-in development, we should still have to put the fundamental .NET play slip, like a lot of performance bottlenecks, cross-platform version compatibility problems will be solved.

Sometimes I do not understand the design code went to check, immediately realized that one day they forget, it will not be used. Too many online resources can only be used to solve a specific problem, such as a bug, an installation, this is a good way to quickly solve a problem you encountered. Enhance the system still requires a knowledge of the context of a global system, like books, courses. After systematic study, .NET will have a relatively comprehensive understanding of a number of difficult problems encountered in the work, also has a corresponding proven solutions, they will not say can not be resolved, only Quxianjiuguo. Very simple functional design because of lack of awareness, waste a lot of manpower to design a large system difficult to maintain, which is the developer can not expect the best.

Currently hot .NET framework are used in a very mature level syntax (only different from the basic grammar), reflecting ah, ah commission, asynchronous multi-threading ah, there are a lot of design ideas Amazingly. After more disturbed not understand the whole, the new technology will not scratch the surface analysis but did not dare to practical projects, always just a spectator, just crying at the foot of the mountain.

Think ought not serious lesson a few times in college, before graduation started a little trance, forced himself to learn the system under C # based on .NET although done easily after graduation employment, employment CS / BS development, Java has done a BS development, but they are understanding the basic syntax to put the gun battle, and luck escaped technical problems. At that time I did not expect to finish, a lot of books Course materials are also due to move discarded. Sometimes forgotten knowledge but also go online to look for, what he found the right Fortunately, they still can not find the blog forum also saw a forward error model (I know there are different environments may just not be able to describe it as text smooth), and my heart began to mmp up.

So write technical articles, must be proven, to confess his verification environment

The ready to put under their own knowledge documenting when, according to the cliche tentatively named .NET Advanced chapter for their future reference, you must have done a lot of things, but you just can not remember the time being. Bad written note of it, can not remember Ye Hao find. Record yourself, unconsciously look many times, modified many times, ideas will be clearer. As a professional Coder, honest writing articles on aspects of writing a rough point, most of the time to write arbitrary, its quibble, as more and more concerned about their own knowledge of the blind. But will try to refine the strict requirements of the code than words, a line of code is worth a thousand words the better.

Only knowledge can form after finishing skills, I will send to, attached to white glanced several sets should feel cool in compiled some knowledge of the time. Advanced entire chapter chapters distributed as follows (estimates will be adjusted later, large sections of the distribution will not change, may incorporate something new).


I used a new light of this (originally bought specifically for the open source GIS, almost ash, and if they can adhere to finish this series, it can be considered a hit the big time), the universe strongest IDE-VisualStudio2019 (Online installation is relatively slow, the offline package has about 20G, will upload later), do dismantling, merging, validation, finishing work on a holiday weekend (we forgive working hard to work out of state, free from work is also more concerned about the work experience The problem). A knowledge of relevant course books ripped out, in order to ensure the quality, it may take quite a long time. We hope to achieve a knowledge that one is enough to see the point. Directly copy the installation framework code available capacity we have not sorted out, Cipian more of a guiding principle, the principle of resolution, in order to point, of course, with some classic examples of small, so do not be expect to be able to copy and paste directly into your system on F5 You can run successfully. Positioning is highly summarized generalization, abstract face, like a regular might not be introduced, I can not remember. To place the details of the application may also need to review detailed information, but know how to use, how to check, the problem is not panic in the face of popular new framework is not fear, it is we expected.

Language chapter will let you know C # language features some advanced principles, as a back bedding, design framework can not do without these things. Design chapter summarizes the common design routines, not that mastery getting a God, at least let the bad taste of the encoding process can sniff out your design, and then proceed to the reconstruction, the reconstruction process, will slowly find their design turned out to be and mature framework design ideas more and more like, exactly the same. Framework of Chapter will understand the principles of common application framework, work fast selection and application, but also the current depth understanding of open source .NET environment.

Of course, the more wrong to do more, do not have confidence that there is no error, and we welcome readers can point it out. Common progress, detours, promote industry development and social progress. Yes, my dream is to promote progress in the world. Each problem we encounter are solved by someone somewhere, communication is a fast and efficient way to deal with the problem. Reading travel friends are exchanging our knowledge of the world, the more understanding, the more you are in control of things. We always have a Plan B, also Pasha.

In fact, the language level many .NET developers do not want to admit, Java is indeed better than C # high heat, before .NET feel very low, giving the feeling is always the benefit of hindsight, after all business operations Well, a lot to go through the process of choice of. On the one hand I might be engaged in the industry about the relative Internet to compare occlusion, the actual use of .NET is not a lot of skills, but also do not realize large and. On the other hand I’m also lazy Buddha character lines about it, do not the first fight, only the second is like everything. Second millennium, in fact, quite good, just right, there is spare capacity there is room.

He is also thought to switch their primary language, if needed Java developers, a good .NET developers can certainly false top. Language really is a pass Belden, design thinking is universal, but their primary language development will be more easily fills up, as often open their homes as the car would be more easily.

Developers will usually more than one language. Not the best language, for his is the best. The first language you learn as you should contact the native language, if you ask me what is the best language in the world? I do not know, I only know C # will be one.

——- ——– spiritual insights

How to learn a new thing? 1: First look at this is probably Zuosha preliminary analysis of what there is no need to look like a lot of things that you have less than short-term; 2: Look at all the api provided, in the end what things to complete, in-depth analysis to see if it is necessary look, for example, I use this new thing which will bring the merits, something new must be able to bring a number of benefits; 3: source familiar with some bug because you will not use as a result of IQKeyboardManager, some are unable to meet business needs but can be extended to reach the source of such support AFNetWorking protobuf.

How to know whether they mastered a certain knowledge? I used two methods. 1: as a face questions and see how you organize language, that is, QQ groups, forums, communities answer other people questions, you will find that obviously he been using that summary does not come out Gesha ~ 2: write articles, this really it is not so good to write after write to put out to anyone, even if the network you can get feedback. I remember I wrote many articles before, but later I have deleted a lot, because a lot of understanding is wrong, shame ~ Summary: must always be ready, because you never know when you get a chance. The Opportunities will always be those who are prepared.

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