Markdown article number directly into the public, no longer spend time typesetting

Previous “and a data company checked, reptiles in the end doing something wrong?” A strong response, although this is my new number, but still get a lot of public forwarding number, also took the opportunity to get to know a lot of industry heavyweights, thank you for Taiai!

At the same time there are a lot of numbers in chief of my article which site layout is used, my answer is: do their own website!

Yes, this is the protagonist of this article
    – Public number Markdown editor

This is my big brother @Lyric a project based development, secondary development after Fork, because the original project has not been updated for months, there are some typographical BUG; and I need to style for customization, there is some logic and there is conflict between the original project, there is no choice PR.

Screenshot above, which is my current issued a document format, this is my own custom theme styles.

How easy to use?

First introduced to the use: write Markdown editor in other articles, the full text pasted into the left column, and then copy the right-hand column, and then paste it into the public number back, finished!

Do not need to have extra step, you copy the style of the past is seen in the right column.

Of course, you can also fine-tuning, such as adding a serif font, change the font size, there are two theme style of the original author provides optional.

The editor is completely liberated me.

After all, I was the new number public, for publishing this kind of thing in the white level. I also know Traditionally, the first part of the article written just issued a document, you also need to spend a lot of time to typesetting, comfortable feeling to the reader, and the latter part of the project directly to save time, you can focus more on writing.

In addition, although the number is for the public, but after testing, they can also be used on other platforms do not support Markdown.

more details


By custom support code highlighting color, I’ve used the familiar Github color.

phonetic notation

This is achieved by third-party libraries, for example, you can engage in some “lunatic {gàn · de · piào · liàng}” very interesting effect.


This is a very interesting feature point, the public put the article number other than micro-channel link is not clickable jump, so the original author put this all on the link at the end of the article, as the source of scholarly articles as a reference.

Other details of the article you can see the default editor.

Customize your own style

If you do not want me the same, or feel that my style does not look good, you can also customize them again, just a little CSS foundation to the tip.

Development here is not recommended for personal use after you Fork, I hope we can put more style PR to me, put out an open source project.

In addition, I will be on the inside of the editor logic optimization, there are some basic functions are temporarily missing, such as not saved, and no changes highlight style, you can not change the function of various styles in a page, these are in my plans inside, if you have a better idea also welcome to me.

>>>>> <<<<< public address number editor

This article belongs to original content, starting in micro-channel public number “life-oriented programming,” For reprint please leave a message in the public numbers background.

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