Custom behavior – perfect imitation QQ browser home page, the US group business details page

Use CoordinatorLayout create a variety of cool effects Custom Behavior – imitation almost known, FloatActionButton hiding and showing NestedScrolling mechanism Insights Step by step take you read CoordinatorLayout source Custom Behavior – Imitation Sina microblogging found to achieve page ViewPager, ScrollView nested ViewPager slide conflict resolution Custom behavior – perfect imitation QQ browser home page, […]

Vibrato data fetch and the data behind Taobao

Background analysis As of July this year, vibrato Nikkatsu has exceeded 320 million. Vibrato president Zhang Nan predicts that by 2020, the total number of users Nikkatsu domestic short video industry will reach 10 billion. Vibrato launch multi-cash way, to make 10 million creators make money, vibrato say to make this 10 million creators make […]

Use Bookinfo application testing Kuma Service Grid

Recently, open source API management platform Kong service suppliers recently released a new open source project Kuma. This article attempts to bookinfo Kuma grid application deployment in order to help you better understand Kuma project.   Kuma is a common control platform can be used to manage network services (Service Mesh) through seamless network traffic […]

Notes @Async solve the problem of asynchronous call

Preamble: Spring in @Async According to Spring documentation, the default uses a single-threaded mode. So in Java applications, most cases are achieved through interactive processing synchronized manner. Then when the execution of multiple tasks is bound to affect each other. For example, if A task execution time is longer, then B must wait until the […]

Let your AI model as close as possible data sources

Source: Redislabs Author: Pieter Cailliau, LucaAntiga translation: Kevin (Public number: Middleware little brother) Brief introduction Today we released a preview version of RedisAI, pre-integrated [tensor] werk components. RedisAI is a service tensors tasks and can perform tasks Redis depth learning modules. In this blog, we will introduce the function of this new module, and explain […]

Without JS, teach you only make a few practical effect with pure HTML pages

Please indicate the source: Grape City’s official website, Grape City to provide professional development tools for developers, solutions and services, enabling developers. Original Source: https: // In the past, we see page effects, the effect is a lot of need to use with JS, and today in this article, I’ll show you how to use […]

Easy to get to know one article Vuex

concept: Vuex is a specially developed for Vue.js application state management (official website address: https: // It uses the status of all components centralized storage management application, and a corresponding state rules to ensure a predictable manner changed.   We replaced a large vernacular: Vuex is a state management mode, you can simply understood as […]

Apache Commons Collections deserialize a detailed analysis of learning summary

. 0x01 environment to prepare: Apache Commons Collections 3.1 version, download link: jd jui address (java the jar package into source code file): Configuration jdk version of the project: Byte code class output path is provided Add jar package for the project java object array (array of objects): object obj[]=new […]